Surge in Kancheepuram saree shops may lead to spike in Covid cases

Surge in Kancheepuram saree shops may lead to spike in Covid cases

Chennai, May 4 (IANS) Kancheepuram has always been the silk capital of South India with heavy and bulk purchases taking place from the saree streets of this town which is near Chennai.

People from around South India reach this town for purchase during the wedding season and with many marriages and weddings scheduled for the month of May and June, there is a surge in shoppers to this town.

During the last August and September, several shops were shut down by the administration following the surge in shoppers during the increase in Covid cases in Tamil Nadu.

Even as large shops with more than 3,000 square feet are shut down, small shops in Kancheepuram town are allowing the customers inside shops. While there is a restriction for the entry of customers in shops but there are shops which allow 100 customers at a time creating a heavy rush.

A bridal saree cost Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh in Kancheepuram and for buying bridal saree family members including aunts and uncles and cousins come to the shop. Most of the time the shopkeepers also do not dissuade them as the heavy shopping gives them huge profit during the season.

Muthuvel Subramanian, a shopkeeper at Kancheepuram while speaking to IANS said, "Most of the time families come and we can't restrict them. Also there is a feeling among the customers that an imminent lockdown is in the offing after the swearing in of the new government and people don't want to take risks and hence large numbers come and do their shopping."

Police officials are tight lipped and the SHO of Kancheepuram police station while speaking to IANS said, "We have closed down several shops and only small shops are open. I will now check personally as to whether these shops are allowing only minimum numbers to the shops or allowing large numbers."

If a family comes to shop in Kancheepuram for a wedding purchase, the bill used to touch anywhere from Rs 5 to 7.5 lakh and the shopkeepers generally entertain such bulk purchases.



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